Monday, January 31, 2005

one of the first things i am doing after getting onto the net is familiarizing myself with firefox. its a very neat browser and a lot of you must be using it. however, dont use it wothout the mouse gestures extension. and the load in ie extensions which comes in handy whenever firefox is unable to open a page (all because some punks who designed those websites dident want it to anyway!)

its free like music and movies on the internet, and is definetly much better than good ol ie.

one other thing....why the hell isint edonkey connecting?!

the net and the insanity of connectivity is pulling me in. even when i have nothing to look for, there is something to see, like this fotog, or fotolog as yeyang calls it. the colours are just amazing.
back at home. charting a different path. hope things work out fine.

in another few days, ater my brother returns to the US, i am going to blog much more. there are some interesting things i want to talk about.

so check this place next week.