Saturday, March 29, 2003

i have been following raed's blog and it is quite an insight into whats happening in iraq. though for the last 2 days, he hasnt updated it, so maybe he is dead or something. just like that.
i have a fever, and tonite we have a farewell party. its kinda weird in this context in which we are in. a farewell party, music, some dance number. just think if some iraqi suddenly vaporizes in this place, i bet he would just break down and cry. somehow, we are just not alive when we are oblivious. i think we are putting too much faith in our leaders and thinking that they are actually working for the people and not for themselves. maybe we need to invovle oursleves more personally in our society. how, is another question?
if someone has any ideas, please tell me.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

this message IS from my comp in my room!
the comp is cool...however, there is a problem. whenver is try to go into the bios, the thing restarts!
dammed if i have seen anything like this before.
been thinking about buyin a radeon 9000 pro video card. it costs about 5 grand in s'pore, AND, someone is going there!!! lets see.

heres a joke about 2 sardarji's.

a plane.
suddenly, the passengers see 2 sardarjis, obviously blind, feeling the way with sticks, wearing pilot clothes.
there is a sudden hush in the plane. just as some people are a bit relaxed, they both go into the cockpit!
everybody starts talking loudly about whats going on
then, suddenly the plane starts to taxi!!!!, all the passengers are really worried and the decibel level increases and people start to shout for the air hostesses and stuff....
take off position, and everybody is really wondering what to do and there is lot of commotion and some people are shouting.
then, the plane starts to run on the tarmac and just as the plane is getting to the end of the strip, everybody starts to screm really loud!....and the plane takes off!!!

in the cockpit, one sardar to another.....
"one day these passengers are not going to scream, and we are going to crash!"


Wednesday, March 26, 2003

finished my ie exam...yeeeeeaaaa!

2 more to go and then this course is over!
had a fight with abs today.....its sad. he can do much more but does not wish to. or it dosent fit with his 'life strategy'. whatever the case, its a waste. makes me feel very angry at the kind of attitude he portrays. guess hes just a different person, whose 'life view' dosent fit with mine.
happens all the time what.
ok, so now i am going to get my motherboard back from nehru place, and probably, the next message will be from my comp!
bak to the movies time!

Sunday, March 23, 2003

i bought a tshirt with the peace sign on it. i am wearing it now, and i think today, both the issues are covered in IMI; cricket and the war. its going to be a no fight in india. cricket will rule!
one thing is noticed on bbc this morning though. they are showing more anti-war protests. maybe there is too much time in-between bombing runs, or maybe anti-war is becoming bigger.
whatever the case, i think something needs to be done. pragmatism, realism and idealism. is it possible to make the ideal the pragmatic choice in a consious effort over a period of time?

Saturday, March 22, 2003

chek out these anti-war posters on the net.
i guess this is what comes out of obsessive war watching. u start looking at all kinds of stuff.
but, hey, these posters are really good u know. i am now thinking of distracting myself. somehow. i think i will be going shopping for white shirts with neeti this evening, so it will be a nice break. ofcourse,all the stuff about 'what breaks do baghdadians have' are valid points and sorry, i cant do anything about that.

so will go and have some food too! enuf sed. am hungry. lunch time.

chek out commondreams
i think cnn is so much crap that it almost sounds like a joke. they have made people into targets and the whole thing looks like a video game.
here in delhi, i hear absoloutely nothing on the war. nobody is concerned and the world just moves on. in fact,a lot of people are switching off. lets just watch cricket instead. what the fuck.
i never thought things could numb me. this gulf war has.
its like a daze. everything is like a daze. as i try to get implications. reasons. what it means to me as a person. later in life, and so on.
lets see.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

lets give peace a chance
my mind is numb with the hugeness of what is happening in the world and the fact that i am unable as an individual to do anything.

life goes on for me now, but will it later? will there be bitterness about this past?
are we pushing ourselves to the brink?
i hope the leaders of the world do something. or in some time, life as we know it will change.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

latest movie seen:catch me if u can.
think: it is really brilliant

some water in the desert.
had a discussion with Prof. ahindra yesterday, and we were talking about involving people into projects without obvious gain. end result: it is very difficult and more so with a peer group. exactly my situation.
give them publicity (recognition) and accolade. power, maybe. but how to control the power (power over itself)?
these and some other questions as to why my thermcole board keeps slipping off the wall involve my mind. challenge and distort me(haha).
chek out phong
good tuts on photoshop.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

am BAK on the BLOG!!

will post new stuff here....
anand, hey, thanx for cheking this out. plus, nice bloggers meet u guys did.good.
thinking of some ideas,but dont have the will to implement.
aw, come on