Saturday, May 31, 2003

i just got american life on kazza at home!
i hadnt imagined that i would be able to do something like that from home.
cool. i am dowloading some songs from the matrix reloaded.
there is this place on the net, called matrix essays which is discussing the hidden allegories in the matrix. hidden allegories? can allgories be hidden or are they already that!?
hey, what the _uc_
today was very very hot in chennai.
i saw american beauty again today. if u think about it, all these english movies are all about leaving material things to get to something inside you. find the inner you. find what u want to do. from the matrix to american beauty. its all about leaving the material world for the spiritual world. i guess america is kinda obsessed with this thought right now. even madonna is!

so i want to see all the movies playing. the core, cradle to the grave and xmen2. and anand dosent want to see them. the thing is, i think unless u dont see whats bad, will u make something good. ridiculous argument, but hey. thats the best reason i can think for seeing the movie. that and that i am totally vella.

vella = jobless, free, without anything to do, sitting in the heat thinking about the cool things.

hey, there was a guy called martello,
who liked to play the cello
but all he could ever do,
was sit around and say hello.

is this a limerick or is it a poem?
and what the heck is the difference?!
that was the topic of a small discussion this evening between me and parul.
so, like i said , i am vella. anand is getting some dvd's from a friend. and i damm hope i can see a whole load of them in the next week. plus, recoup some of my collection by riting some cds on his cd riter. and bhaiya, if u r reading this, u shudnt use those cds that u do use. they have all gone bad. i hae just been lucky to be able to retrieve some of it back , but i had to just throw away 2 of the cds. and they had good songs man.
damm. i hate it when i lose songs.
i read aks' blog today. she has got some very good knowledge of sinhalese people on the basis of very limited contact with them. pretty cool. but, hey aks, plas start riting on your blog again. share your thougths so that everyone knows what kind of a person u are, and thus is able to mainpulate you.
thats the paranoid view atleast. but think about it. why the hell (name) do we rite here?
its like standing naked. here is my mind on the internet. please go through it and let me know what you think about it.
or hey, lets stop talking. lets just read each others blog.
banter. bah. the imbeciles.
'nuf sed 2nite.

Monday, May 26, 2003

there is almost no thing which comes close to the feeling of riding a scooter in jaipur. inspite of it being so congested, it is still remarkably calm. the wind blows and there is somehting so 'north indian' about the streets that it sometimes feels like a movie set!
i saw this one road though, which was not more than 5 feet wide, and was easily over a kilometer long. can u imagine a narrow street like that, with houses on both sides. it looked like the street converged into itself a great distance away.
today, we did some puja and gave food to a cow. i had to wash the cow's tail ( i just dropped water on it) and its feet. the story is that the spirit holds on to the cows tail as the cow crosses the river which takes the soul to heaven. pretty neat.
there is actually so much detail and all for very particular reasons. and the best thing is, once u know the detail, the whole thing makes so much sense. but wihtout it, it is just actions and words. this is true for everything, but in religion, it has a special place.
i still havent gone inside hawa mahal though, and probably never will. till i make up my mind to copme here asa tourist. i guess that wont happen for a long long time.
there are a lot of people back home. and we are expecting some 150 people for dinner. all close relatives. man, its a small world.
gotta go. its actually fun!

Friday, May 23, 2003

i am in jaipur.
i rote some things for the blog on the train, but felt it was just too journoistic to bring it here and put it up on the net. so i am not going to rite any more pblogs anymore.
jaipur is actually cooler than madras..can u imagine that?!
that too when madras had the hottest day after 1910 yeaterday.
whew.that is something.
so i saw my mom's brother's home theatre yeaterday. makes me want to buy one too.
right now, am having too much food.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

saw the movie the recruit.
what do i think: okay
so what was the day like. like anand sed, we chilled out. went to spencers, coffee day, saravans, the movie. it was nice.
good trip outside home. i leave for jaipur the day after, and will be boiling soon.
wish me luck.
listening to moby right now, and it feels good.
and ya, mihir, opeth is growing on me.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

i am switching windows. it always happens on a dial up.
the internet i think is not really understood properly by people with low bandwidth. it will take a lot of years before we can grasp the full potential of it.
ok, boring talk that was.
so i dont have any new thoughts today. kinda in a lull. i am reading RASAM. thats mainly about M&A's. its kinda fun. the book i am reading has some interesting stuff. makes u think.
so tom's 17th i think. my nanima (mom's mom), is going bak to jaipur tom. that will probably be the most exciting thing tom!

Friday, May 16, 2003

hey guys...
i dont know if anybody reads this blog, but, still. hey guys, i finally have a net connection at home, and it feels really good. i dont know why, cause i dont do a whole lot other than checking mail and posting here...and a few other trying to learn the guitar and stuff. but still, it feels good what.
thats all.
its now 1202pm. i am going to jaipur on the 20th and will be back on the 29th. will then be here till the 7th of june i think. i leave for mumbai then and will join icici pru on the 9th. thats kinda tentatively sure.
u know.
i wud like to meet the following people before i leave here..
random someone too

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

i gt bak from blore on tue morning....
it was wonderful trip. i will put te details here after some time..
as for now, am kinda feeling not so great. kinda feverish, cold and all that..SARS!?
no, just a cold. have had no contact with people of that type.
just chill.
but i am 'monitoring' my condition.
what did the lovestruck wall say to his love?
lets meet in the corner.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

my system crashed. i dont know why. the people working on it dont know either. it is probabaly through a partition virus on anand's comp, or the technician who came to fix a new floppy drive screwed up the hard drives. or, it could be becoz of board shock. the earthing was bad, and the board had been getting a steady current since some days. i would like to go with the latter reasons. bottomline, i have lost all my data. 40 gb of files. music, movies, all the work i did at IMI. no backups. nothing.
in a way, its like rebirth. clean slate. but its very painful. there were too many things i did, and they wont be there. its like a personality being wiped out.
somethings will change. for one, i will begin to buy music. and i will buy a cd writier asap. its a bad hit. i am feeling real bad. damm.

Monday, May 05, 2003

this is a pblog's mirror.
i have one written at home, but i cudnt get it since my computer is no longer working.
in effect, burning the house down. most of the stuff on it is not backed up anyplace else, and in a way, its 2 years of work gone down the drain. not down, but in a way.
ok, this is now the 5th of may.
guess what u get if u see gold from the other side.
neat, huh.
another theory, put up here at the insistence of anand.
why does everything on earth plug in, or fits into something. i mean, has to be a reason. i think its the way we have evolved. our reproductive systems mainly. its very analogous, isint. there are holes, and screws go into it. plugs, slots. hey.
so whats the point?
if u r making a movie about alien civilizations, and u wud think people would have tired of them, but they havent. and u r conjuring up the whole atmosphere of the other planet and its people, and what do u do? u have to have a different framework. absolutely different. u know how difficult it can be to think in that manner. where guns wouldnt be protruding devices, for one. or ships wouldnt be shaped like rockets. this is a very freudian concept, so hey.
just make sure the movie works on different frameworks, and different perspective of things.
come to think of it, this difference in perspectives would mean we frankly wouldnt ever be able to make head or tail of another civilization, our world limits our imagination. even abstract draws upon reality after all. is there anything turly abstract? i doubt it.
i want to host a photoblog someday. not for any other reason, but becoz it is much simpler i think. that is, if i can take the right pics all the time!

hey, i talked to anjale on the 4th. and we had an hour's conhversation. i mean, thats cool. i think it like pepsi aha. everybody treid it, nobody stuck to it. i will be off the market pretty quick!
but, still, her saying that my letters to her had timelessness is so egositically satisfying. i think too many people just end up destroying lives by becoming the needed. by making dependants. i like this flavour of the month thing of anjale's though. and the fact that she knows it. its clear. transparent.
but, ya, i just have talked to her right now (imagine a small boy kicking a pebble on the ground and looking at it while saying this).
anand, mihir and i r going to see adi in blore. the @#$%@. wait till i beat him up.
anand. u came here after seeing me dotted. someday, i will also use that way to keep updated with myself. use your dots.