Thursday, May 05, 2005


hey hey, hey.
leave me alone for just one day.
turn back on me, and look away,
wait for me to come again

hey, hey hey.
look here, i am not a kid anymore.
i have grown up, and some more.
my life has changed
but you never noticed.
i'm not the same one
you used to know.

look into my eyes
i dont want to lie
theres no party and there no time
its all work thats all i am.

i wish what you are saying was a little true
i'd probably be closer to what i thot i'd be
but its the image you wanted all the time
now that you've got it, you doubt it all the time, time , time.

hey hey, hey hey hey.

Monday, May 02, 2005


this site belongs to a junior at IMI's dad. the photos do too. in any case, i thought the photos look so good. this is one of the things i want to do. go to ladakh and take pictures of the place. stay there for a month and have yak tea. avoid yak cheese or butter bacause it is like stone, and the cheese definetly has some hair in it! i know this cause some of my nepali friends once bought yak cheese from nepal and i was chewing and gnawing on it for about 2 hours! and then it finally went down my throat. along with some yak hair. and i dont care to know which part of the body the hair came from.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

suggested websites

live plasma


try out these 2 sites. live plasma will really blow your mind at the possibilities. its 347am and i am sleepy. i just got back from work. and no, its not a night shift. its like the whole day and then the whole night (almost)

i dont think this is how i want to continue 2 years from now. till then, here i am.