Sunday, December 12, 2004

the times they are a changing

i at no point in my life imagined that this blog could become something that could connect me to work. note the 2 could's. dosent auger well. the truth is, that would be quite something.

on another note, the trouble with tv is the lack of physical activity. perhaps if there was holographic tv, perhaps watchable by only one person, the programmed one, then it would mean some more exercise. but hell, nobody is going to put that kind of money into something just because I want to watch tv and exercise.

you have to make a choice at some point.

i have over the last 2 weeks, heard of more broken marriages and couples than in the last 24 years of my short life. and this is of people in my same age group. flesh and blood, so to speak.

i want to know what you think about the following things:

1. if both parties in a relationship have honesty between them, than anhything is ok?- casual sex, relationships, not-going-to-marry but still want to go around kinda relationships? whats the line, kit kat.

tell me that?

2. what is morally better (both might be morally wrong-but which is better?)- to be in a relationship knowing that you wont marry or continue it for ever, or casual sex? one night stands, that kind of thing?

in the world that we are living in ( not that it has changed or anything- its just that we are now living in it-so it looks changed to us, since we are coming from somewhere else!), options get limited all the time by incorrect choices we make, or by allowing too many choices. dont know if that makes sense.

the second part draws from 1984. freedom is slavery. the first one if clear.

do you believe in god? and all those fairy tales?
or is it the morning rush? the traffic and the smoke.
will you do soemthing different in your life?
or is what you are doing right now already different from earlier?

what is the parameter for success in life?
do you ever get to set it?
and hey, on the way, are you still walking the same road?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


it is so. there are many words in many languages explaining that word. but not many of us really understand it. at some point in our lives, i would like to understand, appreciate and act on something. rather than do only one thing at any given time.

i saw the new edition of nimbus. it looks beautiful. the white goes well with the black of last year. i hope it never turns grey.

i see an image of a glass of orange juice. somehow, it could contain the route to my salvation.

does anybody think that i should let everything go and take time off for a few months. go around the country in the train with my camera, and then join a phd program in economics in the US? leave a job. a started career(1.5 yrs old)? lots of things dear to my heart?

i have no idea where to start, and where to stop. but strangely, i am not worried at all. these are calm days. i hope the storm has already passed.

Friday, November 19, 2004

part of the city palace, jaipur. tons of pigeons also

my elder brother, age quite young.

the morning sun and fishing nets at baga

shivam and me at colva beach, goa

birds and the sunset at arambol, goa

sunrise on baga beach, goa again!

sunset on baga beach, goa

baga beach, goa. flame dancer

Thursday, November 11, 2004



Saturday, August 28, 2004

some kind of power

the world is just moving towards a destination
i am staying behind sitting on my side
the tv is on, and some song is playing
the worst bit is, i want the tv off.

my world is sometimes reduced to a room
and mountains and the tigers dont exist
talking to someone new is such a crazyily good thing
but it happens lesser and leseer now.

the world is starting to bore me
not because i am fast but cause it just too slow
something new has to happen soon
or i will be old

Sunday, August 22, 2004

guitar is electricity

my guitar is giving out, i am too young and too infamous to get electrocuted by my guitar, so if somebody has any answers, pls let me know.

its sad that this is happening...since i only some time back decided to getting back to playing it more regulalrly....and well, then it gives me the zings.
what ze hell.

i watched kill bill 2 last night....hritik roshan and his wife were also there, watching the movie. but the movie itself, was disappointing.
i think the only sequel ever made which is better than the first part is terminator 2. none other. maybe the aliens series as well. but every other movie, has fallen short. i think sequels need to be the next movie. not the next episode. a thin line of connection is enough. apart fromt that, nothing else.

it has to, like any other movie give a fresh idea. more so, infact. that i think makes a good sequel.

there were some amazing moments in KB 2. but somehow, the movie has become the directors private romance with movies and in the process, has not delivered itslef to the audience. perhaps, tarantino dosent really bother about the audience anymore...maybe it is about him. in which case, its just fine.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

to rite in a hurried manner is to not rite at all. that is what they say. as i am on the eve of watching kill bill 2 with soem friends and the super boss of the company, i cant but wonder why i am getting obsessed with jap stuff. is it the girls, or the language, or the gore? tell me, o learned one. or is it the mind control, or the calmness of japan. or is it just the myth of the whole thing?

myths are important arent they?

i grow heavy, in heart and body.
i grow ideas, that become bigger than me.
i shed my mind, without forming another one.
a cloud of smoke surrounds me, making everything hazy.
the beauty of time is in its passing.
making the past precious day after day.
looking over the mountaintop is the luxury i am not having anymore.
the eagle is now only able to walk.

but it longs to fly.

Friday, July 23, 2004


i think my parents are the damm best in the world....!

a lot of times, they think that we dont really think about them and that we dont appreciate what we are today, but the truth is, that feeling of being indebted for many lives is something i have only for my parents.

a lot of times, i have spoken to my friends about how much they mean to us and how much we mean to them. i think i have my parents figured out, and they are just the coolest people on the planet.

my mother is intelligent, calm and very insightful. she can read me and mu bro like a book and still let us have the day, cause we are after all, just kids!

my dad is quite a genius. hes also very calm, very knowledgeable, has stood by his principles against so many odds and has a really wonderful smile. he likes to play with us and the best times i have ever had have been with him.

its just wonderful having them in my life. fills me up you know. with emotion, with pride and lot of respect.

i needed to say this, thats all.

hey, mom dad, no comments on this one! ok?!! haha!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

the world according to gripe

life is bad, the sea is rough
and the earth is shaking my lonely bed.
forests conspire and paper deliver
every coffee is made on a pyre
reasons are there, and the threats remain
sometimes i have to be wary, of that very thing
soon enough, the bread arrives
leaves me thinking of all the bad vibes
the jeep swerves, misses the cow
somewhere a man is shot, for not looking out
bombs explode, the earth shakes
it morning again, as my twin alarms make

look out, look out, there is a storm approaching
the sea turned black, and covered the skies
there are no birds and the spray is in my face
whenever the boat rolls, i am looking at solid granite
rolls of rain, hit the boat all the time
we are thinking what an exciting fun thing
it could have snapped, or i could have died
but i was collecting stories
for split second awes
exxagerated imagery and the movies we see
make a life threatening storm, just another coffee table story

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

searching for the meaning of it all

it is easy to lose oneself in this world. to not have an idea anymore of what you had set out to be. something that is not related to work or to what you want to achieve, but to what are called principles and belief. its easy to not miss them go away. its also very easy to find them too. but its difficult to let go of everything else.

my life has come to a stage where i am trying to decide what is the meaning of where i am heading. the current direction takes me on a road towards something i have not imagined myself on being. so, ofcourse, it is scary to realize that i am on the wrong road, and most of all, for onw big reason. that i dident find any other road. i guess i will have to make one meself. i have these days, however, become so tired to my own idealism that it is slowly becoming just hollow words. being an idealist will not help me at all. there have to some changes. i hope i am able to make them.

wish me luck, and keep seeing this place. if things go as i wish them to, then i might be typing here more often.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

saw the map today

in a related incident, i saw the map of the north east and i then realized that my earlier claims of having visited itanagar and thus, one of the easternmost points in the country can now be revised to my current destination. it is so close to the border, that i get goospimples.

we(my collegue)-mind the spelling, and i started thinking about how it must be for the states even down under, tripura and mizoram, which are connected to the country only thru assam, which itself is pretty much cut-off.

we stopped near some tea gardens on the way to one of the industrial sites we were going to, and there were women picking tea over there. somehow, i think we have romanticized the whole thing. there isint anything very great about people picking tea. sure, they have baskets on the head and all that, but hell, they are just normal women.

apart from that, there was a red alert sounded a few days back in this area. the army has been reinforced and there is going to be a flushing of the militants in the area. (somehow, i am not at all comfortable with the word flushing). the militants, mainly the ULFA, have lately resorted to extortion from the tea gardens, rich merchants and the like to get along. rumour has it that the local commander of the ULFA has over rs.500 crores from such activites. you can raise a decent militia in that amount. but nobody is really bothered. now, however, the govt. is taking action and wants to close the chapter on these chaps. whose wrong and who is right, is anybody's guess, but i guess you just have to align yourself to what the media says, what?!

Monday, July 12, 2004

from the tip of assam

i hadnt realised that we are actually on the very tip of assam, and of the country. burma is not very far from here....

that does not mean guns, or border stories or stuff like that. it just is near the border thats all.

there are terrorists though, and it is something you cant forget is important to stay careful.

thats the situation. as always, i have lots of time to think and to mull. and that is a bad situation. not having to think gives me enough time to forget. but if time is at hand all the time, then how to forget?

hope things change double quick fast.
i keep thinking about dosas, and quick gun murugan, and cards with things written on it. pizzas, and italian food. things and other things.
music and video. shops and pretty girls. red dresses and white ones. jeans and shorts. things and thangs.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

again from assam. or still from assam.

tea gardens never looked so good. over here, there is a lot of space, and most of it is green. its amazing how the sky here is blue and black and the earth is green all the time. its very beautiful. sleeping alone, the rain falling outside is very comforting. a steady downpour which makes the morning shine.

under all this, however, there is the compelling presence of the ULFA. the united liberation front of assam. driven from lower assam areas, they have set up base in these regions and mainly kidnap people for extortion. it is said that one of the commanders in this area has over 300 crores of rupees. mindboggling isint it?

there is constant danger. if you slip up, you lose your life. this isint something bombay prepares you for.

the beauty of this place almost makes you forget about that though. almost.

i have had some weird thoughts here. of writing. something i have been putting of for such a long time. of reading, which i am doing. i am also playing need for porsche on the laptop, and watching some hindi movies off and on. i hire them from the local shops. i am here till the 9th of july and might come back sometime later for some more days. but the strict pattern of this place gets to you. sunrise is at 4am, and it becomes quite dark by 5pm. work is from 7-3pm. and inbetween, lunch breaks and siesta times.

i still havent gotten over my past. its staying with me all the time. i have to push it away for it to go away. but it comes back, you know.
time for myself is something i had though i wouldnt have and thats why all this work, but here, while the rain falls, i think about the last couple of years and how things are going on now, and its strange. there is no pattern. its like i love punishing myself. not a good thing.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

off to assam

i am going to a place called dublijan in assam for 3 weeks. there are huge oil wells over there, and i am going there to seel some our products to people working there.
seems a little weird when i say it like that. i never thought i would be selling anything.

either way, it should be a good experience. after bombay, i think it will be a very different pace, and beyond that, i hope we get something out of that place. lets see.
it is raining in india, almost the whole of it, and the feel is really good. it is beautiful and windy. i guess people in western countries dont really understand the concept of rain as a good thing. something that beats the heat and makes the earth smell good. the air is cleaner, and the roads glisten. thats not so bad.

i guess dublijan, being in assam, will be pouring. i have seen rain in guwahati and just when it starts raining, it looks like a solid sheet of water racing towards you from 10 kms away, and then crossing you and going on ahead. fun times would be being at the exact rain beginning point. one step to the left and there is heavy rain, and one step to the right, and it is dry like a dead leaf. funny aint it.
its fun too.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

again, i visit my blog

this time, almost like a guest. i feel like that myself. i had come on the net somedays back oo, but forgot to even open the blog up. i wonder why anyone else would?
in any cas,e any hits these days would be just those accidental google hits. when someone wants to know about something and the word is here. hell. maybe to increase my hit rate, i should just put the dictionary here!

its not about hit rates is it? its about life and all that goes on in it. and then you hope that it is interesting enough to make people want to come back here again and again. not a bad reason to lead an interesting life. to fill up a blog.

as time is going on, i am finding myself reading the fiscal policy minutely and understanding rates and politics more than touching my guitar or reading pico iyer. i dont like that. i think i need to have both in good quantities. my quality of life definition requires equal quantities of guitars and RBI governers.
life, in its cruel manifestation, goes on!

i just love these kinds of lines: those with life,......, goes on types. with all kind of things occupying the dots inbetween.


life,without a second thought, goes on
life,in its splendid obscurity, goes on
life,without any pity, goes on
life, relentlessly, goes on
life, for once, goes on
life, like always, goes on
life, just, goes on

you know, there are a million words trying to occupy the dotted space.
you fill the dots, or does someone else do that?

hastalavista (baby?!)

Thursday, April 29, 2004

hi again

i almost have become a visitor to my own blog nowadays.
these days, i have become a visitor to my past, and a spectator to my future. strange, that feels.
i did something yesterday that i am regretting having to do, but something that had to be done to preserve whatever semblence of reality i might have wanted to maintain.

there are these 2 worlds, and i am stuck in a limbo. either of them dont allow me to move towards anything. like some kind of a magnetic force keeping me stuck. unable to comment, commit or move on.

work keeps me busy though. that is something i am trying to cling on to during the day. that and something else also.
other than that, there isint anything new happening around me. just the same things, each day is woken up to a reality which stings. but i hardly feel the sting anymore really.

lets see where all this goes. maybe to a future, or straight into my past.

Friday, April 23, 2004


i dont these days write so much. the thing is, i am not so connected to the outside world, firstly, and the second thing is, i dont know if i have a whole lot of things to write about here anymore. i am finding that as i am increasingly getting into work life over the last one year, i am not able to find time to do those other things that made my life more colourful.

not that i am missing everything too much. i guess if i was, i wouldnt be doing all that i am. but sometimes i find myself wondering about the reasons for this work and for the money that keeps coming in every month end.

is this so that i can sustain myself and keep going back to work, or is for some future which is uncertain and therefore i should work for it? or is it just an incentive for me to not do those things that i want to do. like a bribe to keep myself here. strange thoughts i agree, but something i do think about.

there are, as always, no answers. just all this. as always, as in any post that embarks on an existential thought of mine, i am again at a loss for a conclusion. i wonder why?

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


it does bite sometime. i am slowly realizing that the things that i am doing are not the things that i want to do for another few months also. this is just not done. i hope someplace or the other, i will be able to move into something which interests me and keeps me going for a long long time. what is going on right now is almost sublime. unreal. hope this is just a phase.

Sunday, April 04, 2004


we were at athena last night. the entire group of people from my office. the place is wild. its the coolest disc in the city and we definetly had a lot of fun. the bill came to round about some 20 grand, which the company paid.

we got out at 5am in the morning, and got the morning train back to bandra.
i remain in bandra though for another couple of months. my posting is here.
the place had very cool bose speakers, and the music is mixed by dj akeel. hes pretty famous, i heard. the music was very well mixed. english and hindi, and some punjabi all together. the crowd was fantastic. the women were wonderful (though i dident know anyone there!)

had a very good time.
and to more nights like these.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

the horoscope theory

i was talking with a friend about horoscopes. i think there is something very interesting in that. when i started seeing my horoscope initially it never used to match. however, now it does, as i have become more regular. i think thats because now, my life is moulded to my horoscope. atleast, subconsiously. we tend to read it, and then make our lives fit the pattern of the horoscope, thereby making it true which makes us want to believe more and more in it.

so the best thing is to not see them at all. becasue if you are, you are the victim of a control function. an external one influencing your life. a faceless god, in a way.
i guess making patterns for life leads to them ocming true if there is faith. and since there is faith, we believe everything to be true which leads to it becoming true.

isint life just hell?!

hey, i am happy these days!

Sunday, March 14, 2004

pico iyer

his book, cuba and the night has a remarkable line. i dont remember it exactly, but its something like this:

when people are not dependable, the one thing to hold onto are principles.

i think i am like that. i have seen in the last one year, that dependability is something unknown in most parts of the world. principles, can be the only guiding star. a good one, at that.

move on, move on.
dont wait for the stars to fall down.
look below, the earth has gone ahead
you're standing on the vacumm inside your head.

i am at work on a sunday, and its not so bad really. its quiet, simple. not like everyday.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

the long and winding road

its the end of the road sometimes. this isint one, but sometimes it seems like one.
the abstract nature of my being has become me. life is suddenly without meaning. floating images here and there. without purpose, or thought. everything reminding of the past, or of the future. playing out in my head, sometimes all i can see is myself exactly how i am now, 10 years from here.

thats not good. the same chair, the same wall. just a different place. the same thoughts, and the same eyeball reflecting. the shine which used to be there, i heard had gone out. everytime i try to ressurect it, i am doing something else. till focus snaps in, and reality bites.

the requirements of my life are sometimes things that are so romantic that they appear to be the figment of that romance. somehow, every thought that goes through my head has a theory somewhere about escapism. gradually, all the possibilities appear to be the things that i would like to do but never will get around to. just because they are just those possiblities that people like me try to reach out to. but shouldnt. or so some other theory goes.

a spiral which ends in nothing. one which just comes back to the same place.
what i would like to do, is exit...stage left.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

I want to walk with you
On a cloudy day
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee - high
So won't you try to come

Come away with me and we'll kiss
On a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I'll never stop loving you

to someone who knows this song all too well. i would like to do this.

pirouette in a red red dress
naked feet and open hair
make believe in my head.

step onto my toes
and we will dance all morn
till your daddy comes home
time for me to snap shut

feel loved say nothing
look into those deep eyes
see hope and fear
the future and the past

love is a hard thing
to get into
to trust someone with your independence

time has gone by.
life has thrown surprises
most of the things i loved are gone someplace
the beauty from my past carries me forward.
hope and fear mirror
my eyes close, to a day long ago
when all on my mind was to reach one place
meet you looking through the door

and have you pirouette in your red red dress.
the pleasures of the past

most of what is written or told is firmly based on the past of the person. humans i think are incapapble of recreating in their minds emotions or events in the same manner as they had happened unless they have a similar experience to bank on. infact, if you read most of what is written, a lot of effort goes into description, or decrypting unique experiences into a language which makes it lucid to a larger population (which might have not gone through those emotions or experinces). perhaps in the process, language and writing is the common denominator and in that sense, diluted. the true essence of an experience in the writers own words, which make sense to him, would probably not be understood by most people. and since the objective of writing is to express and to be read, it makes sense i think to produce uniqueness onto a larger canvas.

why am i discussing this? to bring to the point that writing is a blast from the past. the summation of what we have gone through. things inexpressible in the spoken language. poetry comes closer to reality in that sense. and therefore is harder to understand. i have started liking poetry quite a lot these days. keats has started appealing to me these days. especially when i see the type of stuff he used to write. about birds, and things he saw during the day. about emotions, and stuff. it is interesting.

this has become a largish post. sorry.


Thursday, March 04, 2004

back to the future

it is times like yeaterday that make me understand the kind of person i really am.
a lot of moments in the day yesterday were like a jolt. like somethings that i believed i was not capable of enjoying, and then suddenly discovering those emotions which i love.
it is so different from the jungle i am usually in. alomost like that stream you chance upon. knowing however, that you have to move on after a short rest.

but its all worth it. today, movement and careers have probably destroyed so many things, that sometimes; i am unable to even contemplate the possibilities that have been lost. life's movement ends up breaking up people and the chances of a lifetime. not even being able to understand if there were any chances at all. even.

beauty is an uncomplicated person. not all the time, but when that person is with you. unwound and open, because there are no threats and no competition.

the white dress, and the brown eyes (you do have them?)
the bag and the black heeled shoes
walk, talk eat and sleep
enjoy the world you get to keep.
things will change
you will move
but the vision of you will stay glued
hey, baby, dont stop being you
cause there just aint nothing wrong in the way you move.
oh yeah!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

strawberries and limejuice

Lime juice

now i am a true fan of lime juice. i have had lime juice here and there. i present to you the personal lime juice ratings. the best nimboo pani there is in india.

1. the best dang nimboo pani i had was on the trel to ooty in tamilnadu. after climbing for 4 hrs and going up 8000ft, anythign mite taste good you might venture. well, this was the ultimate high(in more ways than one). this nm (nimboo pani) is made by the villagers in a village about 7000ft up. its a place you can only walk into. it was a mixture of salt and sugar and nimboo and pani. and it was just out of the world.

2. anyone living in bombay and using the train will staunchly stand by me when i say the nm at dadar station is par compare. not at all the places, but on platform 1. near the steps, is this shop, and it sells the very best nm money can buy. in fact, it is so good, that he is able to offer it at a premium or one rs. (thereby making it rs.5) and is able to get away with it.

3. here is where they all merge in now. nm at almost all other places are kinda similar.

10000. the nm at tegh bahadur station is the pits(ya, there is such a station in bombay!) there are better ways to die i am told than from intense anger and remorse after drinking that stuff.

you might question about the nm at home. i mean, mom does make it, rite?
welllll....see, that stuff is in such a league of its own. just dont put it on any top then shop then. it just dosent fit.

are you wondering about the strawberries?
i never bought them. though i was thinking that perhaps at some point i mite be able to. but the strawberry thing dident get off even the drawing board. too bad. but like forrest gump says, shit happens.

Friday, February 13, 2004

chek this site out. i think this is elvis' resting place. the site he has set up from hell. ( i am sure he is there!)

i am going to try and research him. maybe some of you will too.

i did some changes to the blog and have tried to incorporate some of the things that i am. ofcourse, the whole thing is not quite like i have in my mind, but maybe with a little help from anand, i might by able to get it sorted out.
anand, i have already sent you the code, mate.
(i dont know where i am getting the aussi tinge and i dare say its not from watching any cricket, since i dont).

about the previous post in black, well, its one of those things. cause and effect. or maybe affect. however, i taught me a good lesson. ergo sum.
the trek to mahuli is something i really want to do. but lakc of company prevents. if there is someone in bombay who wants to chill out on a sunday, and who's idea of fun is climbing for 6 hrs, let me know here, and we can plan it out!

otherwise, i will have to go alone, with elvis and rush keeping me company. i dont mind that, but its safer with another person, and hell, its more fun.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

when was the first time you did something for the last time?


Sunday, February 01, 2004

the bike by the road

i just saw a bike by the wall which had a no parking sign on it. the bike curiously was amixture of some 5 bikes. it had the engine of an enfield, the front of a yam, and the look of a harley. the best part is the way it was kept and the way it just leaned into the wall. almost like the rebel thing. nonchalant, waiting for you to tell me what to and i wont do that look. (i wanted to hypehnate the whole thing but just do it yourself ok).

i also finished reading a book after a long time. vernon little. there is something inbetween also, but hey, you get the idea rite. the book is irreverant, and the kind of reverse look at the life in the US. sometimes, there is so much contradiction in what different media say about how kids and people are in the US that you really dont know. in a way, this book was about a lot of things that we see to be bad about the US. the media, the government involvement, the run for the money so what if lots of people die, its all entertainment thing that just is so much there in the US.

sorry about the non hypehnated hypehnating sentences. its a take from the book. sometimes, its the best way to express something.

so life is going on
waiting for the next weekends morn
sometimes there isint anything to look forward to
but heck i got something to.
lets see where this goes
the pretty place that i mite go
is in my mind and waiting to show.
its them glasses that are scary
cause you never know when to be wary.

hey, wary rhymes with sari? does it?

Friday, January 30, 2004

the sion fire

i saw the after effects of the sion fire in the city. it was pretty devastating. the building which bore the brunt is actually a burnt out shell. some people were inside the burnt shops trying to make sense out of some papers and there was even one guy on a landline calling from inside the burnt black shop.

hell is a place on earth.
the place is here.
there, everywhere.
its just not something you want to be near.

no news from radhika?
maybe shes just not read
i dont understand some people
who could be frightened so
that there would be a new shell made

there is nothing worth commenting on the person. she is as anonymous to me as to you. maybe more

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

the WSF

it was where people from all over the world came. all the space on the walls, on the pipes inbetween dadar and borivali had been taken by the world social forum. it was also called the mumbai resistance, and beat globalization and so on.

i really wanted to hear joseph stigligz. plus, ofcourse, arundhati roy(who had come there i think), and just go there to see everything, feel the heat on globalisation.

but i dident. i dident have anybody to go with. i find it ironically funny that i did not have anybody to go with for a fight on glaobalisation. its more funny, since that just kind of proves that well, friendships and interests still havent been globalised. isint it almost perfect that i wouldnt have anybody to go with on a fight on globalisation. for if i had an entire army, then i would be, in a way, myself globalized. (please excuse the z's and the s' alternating in the big G spelling..its a globaliz(s)ation effect)

its even more funny that a friend of mine's friend are the ones who were organizing the whole razzmatazz. and i got to know that the day the whole thing got over.

one observation that a friend of mine made about this whole thing which stands out is

its funny that all these people who are fighting against globalization are coming from all over the world to do it. in a way, the entire group fighting is itself a globalized group. one which is against(if not for) a one particular cause. exactly the agenda of globalization. that, plus the fact that had it not been for globalization, these people could never have come together here.

what was dissapointing in the entire week that happened here, was that everybody was so busy protesting that nothing really got done. though i believe in protest, haveing an agenda less forum which addresses protest, but does not look at solutions, seemed to me like a huge waste of a lot ot time, effort and minds. perhaps the solutions will come out of the sustained protest.

whatever it was, i missed out on something for which i might just have to go to the other side of the world to see now. and that, is not a bad idea!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

gprs(among other things)

my phone over here is trying very hard to get to the internet right here. i dont think it is going to be able to do it though. its still trying though. thats its job.

so i just got back from work. there is something very disconcerting about life in this city. somehow the good and the ugly are so close apart that it is uncomfortable. the biggest problem is that it is very difficult to realize what is ugly and what isint. you look straight ahead into the eyes of people and there is this defeatist look or this victorious look. both of which are just spiralling everybody down. sometimes, it all looks ugly. people taking advantage of other people. left right and centre.

all the ideas lost

through the day, there are so many ideas and thoughts which flow through and just whittle away. there is nothing that i am able to recollect by the end of the day. it seems like a big waste sometimes. some of the stuff is ofcourse, very visual dependant. but i dont carry my camera around. and the one on the phone isint helping since my computer is still a million miles away!

mumbai perhaps presents the best photo op there is in the world. just waiting, for the right angle and the right lens. i have many plans, none of which are working out. like take the 84 bus and go around the city, shooting snaps. or go to places just outside the city, and click away. or go to toto's or club9 or places like that, and do some of that disc photography. the expressions inside those places are probably one of the best. paradoxical expressions for a disc come up. guy and girl getting bored(with all that music), or the angry bartender(thats normal!). stuff. the lights. the mood. smoke. the 'i dont know what i am doing here' look. its all there. waiting for the right chemical.

but i dont do this. see, the sixth artist is right about some of the things. all the things i want to do, and just dont do.

latest book being read- the global soul(pico's)
the eastern stories- joseph conrad
52 weekend breaks from mumbai(!!)

latest chord learnt- G7 (i just know a few)

current music- a mix of rush, floyd and punjabi tadka on TV

Monday, January 26, 2004

another year bites the dust

somehow today, i am more beset with memories than with what lies ahead. the weather in mumbai is great today and there is this cool wind blowing. the world is a nice place today. people are happy and all that. as for me, i have started coping with my past much better than what i thought i would have been capable of. ofcourse, everything is there in front of my eyes like a film before the present, but the funny thing is, the film isint really blocking my view.

i am a 'move on' kind of person i think. i have always moved on. i dont really understand if that is the right thing to do or if that is a sustainable approach. but till now, it hasnt been so bad. or atleast, it is slowly easing off.

i am still not trekking, or listening to music enough. neither am i going around with any body. but there is a calm inside which is probably not going to stay on too long. i am going to start trekking again, and play my guitar more often. i am also going to see more movies, and listen to more music. in that entire space, i will continue to work jobs which make me feel like i am using my mind and seriously pushing it. that is something i like. solving problems. coolly, with death calm.

sang froid.

Sunday, January 25, 2004


a blogger needs to have a sense of purpose on the blog. the uncanny look in his mind that allows him to focus on a particular object or discussion on the blog. so that it idnetifies with him.

what do you do however, when the person is not somebody you can identify? an entitiy uncertain of its being, unaware of purpose. infact, devoid of purpose. this person will be unable to relate and connect to a particualr topic for a long enough time since he himself is unable to sustain interest in things around him for long periods of time.

such a person is me. asif...

random thoughts pop into my head all the time. the location or the activity i am involved in do not affect these thoughts. sustenance of interest is another problem. it just dosent happen!
thats why, a lot of time, this place has become a hoopla of all kinds of stuff. moving here and there, but never really pointing anywhere.

i have started reading again. and the guitar sounds good in my headphones(thank god its only me who hears it!)

Saturday, January 17, 2004


there is a theoretical construct for things slowing down at certain occasions. i believe that the brain's effective resolution goes up at is able to see in higher detail. this results obviously in a drop in the effective frame rate. that would explain the slowness of movements sometimes.

comments to this post must be intelligently written.

there are moments when the mind is free.
but only moments yet.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

the flow of things

the flow of things
is easy to understand
when the mind is like water
and moving like sand.

the horizon is moving
beneath my very feet
i hold out to stop myself
from falling into the deep.

open your eyes and see for yourself
how curious everybody is
they just want something different
it dosent really mean much.

going into my own vortex
i forget what is real(and not)
moving below or above
it all seems like being stuck.

wait up wait up
you went ahead too soon
its not even the second june
hell, what can i say
give it up and lets gets away

hanging out

i hung out of a train today. it wasnt bad. i was looking inside, so i really dident see how close the ground is to the feet when you have got one of them outside the train!
and i was in first class. so you can imagine how it must be in the other parts of the train. this whole train experience ofcourse pales in comparision to the movie on the left. i saw it on HBO. for all you chennai guys, i actually get to switch off a tv inspite of it showing HBO!


the heightened state of being
allows the mind to float
and find out what is the meaning
nice and slow.

i really like the song slow by kylie. i think it rocks.

Monday, January 05, 2004

getting low

every once in a while, the low thing hits everybody. for some reason, suddenly you cant put a finger on the reason for which you are going through life. this happens a lot when our lives are just going on, without any untoward incidents. normality is the biggest killer for a person. every once in a while, you need that burst of surprise. one which hits out of nowhere. to make you realise how delicate this normalcy is. but whenever it dosent, we go down to a low. from where getting out is difficult, and it requires will power, some event, to get you out of there.

i am not going through anything like this, but i got thinking about it. thats why i am writing all this. yeasterday, i was talking about the chaos theory and entrophy and how both these concepts form the basis for everything in this universe. just as god and love form the basis in somebody else's perception of the universe. not from the physics point of view, but from the conceptual point of view. its quite something. life.

another rambling post from a high point.

Friday, January 02, 2004


we watched fireworks from a terrace. it was quite something actually.
we then went to club9 sometime around 2am for sometime. that was ok. atleast the music was different from what the dj usually plays.

we got back at 4, got up at 2, and then a and i went to buy second hand books from around churchgate. the amount of smut available over there is just unbelievable. i picked up a book on hawaiian guitar chords which was published in 1926!

quite something.
i also picked up an edition of loaded magazine. but only for the ads. i swear.

pls dont go to the site if you are a minor or are not interested in advertising. or not both. just dont go there, ok?!