Saturday, August 21, 2004

to rite in a hurried manner is to not rite at all. that is what they say. as i am on the eve of watching kill bill 2 with soem friends and the super boss of the company, i cant but wonder why i am getting obsessed with jap stuff. is it the girls, or the language, or the gore? tell me, o learned one. or is it the mind control, or the calmness of japan. or is it just the myth of the whole thing?

myths are important arent they?

i grow heavy, in heart and body.
i grow ideas, that become bigger than me.
i shed my mind, without forming another one.
a cloud of smoke surrounds me, making everything hazy.
the beauty of time is in its passing.
making the past precious day after day.
looking over the mountaintop is the luxury i am not having anymore.
the eagle is now only able to walk.

but it longs to fly.

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