Sunday, August 22, 2004

guitar is electricity

my guitar is giving out, i am too young and too infamous to get electrocuted by my guitar, so if somebody has any answers, pls let me know.

its sad that this is happening...since i only some time back decided to getting back to playing it more regulalrly....and well, then it gives me the zings.
what ze hell.

i watched kill bill 2 last night....hritik roshan and his wife were also there, watching the movie. but the movie itself, was disappointing.
i think the only sequel ever made which is better than the first part is terminator 2. none other. maybe the aliens series as well. but every other movie, has fallen short. i think sequels need to be the next movie. not the next episode. a thin line of connection is enough. apart fromt that, nothing else.

it has to, like any other movie give a fresh idea. more so, infact. that i think makes a good sequel.

there were some amazing moments in KB 2. but somehow, the movie has become the directors private romance with movies and in the process, has not delivered itslef to the audience. perhaps, tarantino dosent really bother about the audience anymore...maybe it is about him. in which case, its just fine.

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