Thursday, February 19, 2004

strawberries and limejuice

Lime juice

now i am a true fan of lime juice. i have had lime juice here and there. i present to you the personal lime juice ratings. the best nimboo pani there is in india.

1. the best dang nimboo pani i had was on the trel to ooty in tamilnadu. after climbing for 4 hrs and going up 8000ft, anythign mite taste good you might venture. well, this was the ultimate high(in more ways than one). this nm (nimboo pani) is made by the villagers in a village about 7000ft up. its a place you can only walk into. it was a mixture of salt and sugar and nimboo and pani. and it was just out of the world.

2. anyone living in bombay and using the train will staunchly stand by me when i say the nm at dadar station is par compare. not at all the places, but on platform 1. near the steps, is this shop, and it sells the very best nm money can buy. in fact, it is so good, that he is able to offer it at a premium or one rs. (thereby making it rs.5) and is able to get away with it.

3. here is where they all merge in now. nm at almost all other places are kinda similar.

10000. the nm at tegh bahadur station is the pits(ya, there is such a station in bombay!) there are better ways to die i am told than from intense anger and remorse after drinking that stuff.

you might question about the nm at home. i mean, mom does make it, rite?
welllll....see, that stuff is in such a league of its own. just dont put it on any top then shop then. it just dosent fit.

are you wondering about the strawberries?
i never bought them. though i was thinking that perhaps at some point i mite be able to. but the strawberry thing dident get off even the drawing board. too bad. but like forrest gump says, shit happens.

Friday, February 13, 2004

chek this site out. i think this is elvis' resting place. the site he has set up from hell. ( i am sure he is there!)

i am going to try and research him. maybe some of you will too.

i did some changes to the blog and have tried to incorporate some of the things that i am. ofcourse, the whole thing is not quite like i have in my mind, but maybe with a little help from anand, i might by able to get it sorted out.
anand, i have already sent you the code, mate.
(i dont know where i am getting the aussi tinge and i dare say its not from watching any cricket, since i dont).

about the previous post in black, well, its one of those things. cause and effect. or maybe affect. however, i taught me a good lesson. ergo sum.
the trek to mahuli is something i really want to do. but lakc of company prevents. if there is someone in bombay who wants to chill out on a sunday, and who's idea of fun is climbing for 6 hrs, let me know here, and we can plan it out!

otherwise, i will have to go alone, with elvis and rush keeping me company. i dont mind that, but its safer with another person, and hell, its more fun.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

when was the first time you did something for the last time?


Sunday, February 01, 2004

the bike by the road

i just saw a bike by the wall which had a no parking sign on it. the bike curiously was amixture of some 5 bikes. it had the engine of an enfield, the front of a yam, and the look of a harley. the best part is the way it was kept and the way it just leaned into the wall. almost like the rebel thing. nonchalant, waiting for you to tell me what to and i wont do that look. (i wanted to hypehnate the whole thing but just do it yourself ok).

i also finished reading a book after a long time. vernon little. there is something inbetween also, but hey, you get the idea rite. the book is irreverant, and the kind of reverse look at the life in the US. sometimes, there is so much contradiction in what different media say about how kids and people are in the US that you really dont know. in a way, this book was about a lot of things that we see to be bad about the US. the media, the government involvement, the run for the money so what if lots of people die, its all entertainment thing that just is so much there in the US.

sorry about the non hypehnated hypehnating sentences. its a take from the book. sometimes, its the best way to express something.

so life is going on
waiting for the next weekends morn
sometimes there isint anything to look forward to
but heck i got something to.
lets see where this goes
the pretty place that i mite go
is in my mind and waiting to show.
its them glasses that are scary
cause you never know when to be wary.

hey, wary rhymes with sari? does it?