Friday, February 13, 2004


i did some changes to the blog and have tried to incorporate some of the things that i am. ofcourse, the whole thing is not quite like i have in my mind, but maybe with a little help from anand, i might by able to get it sorted out.
anand, i have already sent you the code, mate.
(i dont know where i am getting the aussi tinge and i dare say its not from watching any cricket, since i dont).

about the previous post in black, well, its one of those things. cause and effect. or maybe affect. however, i taught me a good lesson. ergo sum.
the trek to mahuli is something i really want to do. but lakc of company prevents. if there is someone in bombay who wants to chill out on a sunday, and who's idea of fun is climbing for 6 hrs, let me know here, and we can plan it out!

otherwise, i will have to go alone, with elvis and rush keeping me company. i dont mind that, but its safer with another person, and hell, its more fun.

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