Tuesday, June 04, 2002

been some time since i rote here. i leave coimbatore on the 6th. it is a big enuf city in the state of tamilnadu in india. it is close to tiruppur, which is called the manchester of india. it is a textile centre and companies here export textile to most parts of the world. chances are, your Gap tshirt is made in tiruppur.
i am working with pepsi. this company and coke, both,dont make a lot of sense. how can anyone sell somethng like pepsi all his life? it is a product with no value benefit. its kinda crazy actually. the kind of energy and effort and money which go into products like these. perhaps someday, we will realize that all the intelligence we put into stuff like this might just be needed someplace else. till then, we just go on.
tell me something, what would you rather sell? coke, or bicycles?
makes you think dosent it? makes me think a lot. makes me want to slowly change the world sometime. but all that isint really possible. when you get under the surface, there is just too much going on to make sense. the enormity of public information is dwarfed by that in the private and the government domain. that is the one which actually runs and rules the world. the people of the world only see that which is allowed to be seen. it is very rare, and fortunate, when we get to kow about thigns which shudnt be happening. that, is the check on subversion.
perhaps it is too less. or perhaps, subversion itself is controlled. i was thinking about the movie matrix. i makes more sense if u think of the virtual and the real world as parts of a single whole. like the public and the secret world. both have an effect on each other, but each is independent of each other. and once u r out in the real world, coming into the virtual world is risky and can be done only if u have the information and the means to match it. makes u wonder, if that was the point of the movie.

Saturday, May 18, 2002

going to the mountains tomorrow for a day. will be trekking in the nilgiris, the blue hills (as the look blue from the plains)
the forests there are filled with tigers, panthers, wild elephants (the most dangerous), bison, and lots of varieties of deer.
last time i went there, saw a bison kill and a relatively fresh deer kill. was pretty exciting. alhtough i havent seen a tiger or anything in this area, i have seen 3 tigers in the wild before. the closest one was jsut about 15 feet from me in the dead of the night, around 3am.
believe me, i really dont want to see a tiger when i am walking in the jungle. i mean, if you can see a tiger, it can definetly see you!!!
hopefully, will have a good time. ofcourse, these forests have wild animals but arent really dangerous. i think the world is more dangerous outside these forests.
for a variety of reasons.

Thursday, May 16, 2002


Aarti, there was a time when I thought about you
Aarti, there was a time when I counted time
Aarti, there was a time when time stopped
Aarti, there was a time when time moved on
Aarti, there was a time when time told me
Oh, Aarti, time doesn't let you do all those things you always wanted to do.


There are moments of inspiration
And there are of decision
There are times when the mind leaves you
There are times when it embraces you.
There are those when you are alone
While others when you are at home
There are times for comfort
And there are times for letting this go on.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

makes you understand that weakness is so easy to get. the burning in my chest has gone, but its memory wont. i havent had anything like this before. how many people have had the feeling that they are delirious, but are unable to do anything about it?
today, i am facing a difficult situation.
i am doing something i do not feel inetrested in. however, i cannot get out of it since it has the capability to influence my life, and it is doing that right now too! a lot of times, decisions get made because we are unable to act. the decision not to be in a situation of this kind again.
my friend got into NID. hats off to him.

Monday, May 13, 2002


I saw her dancing in the rain
Laughing at the black sky
Holding her arms out to the horizon
Her skirt billowing in the wind
I saw her rotating in the rain
Getting wet and understanding nature
Moving her naked feet in the wet mud
Feeling clean and free
After so many years


Shattering silence.
Breaking into my mind
The sound of my heart
Making me agonize over the emptiness
Shattering silence.
The break from the past eating me
The agony of memory getting to my mind
Shattering silence.
Making me confront myself
Making me accept the unacceptence
Losing myself, losing myself.


There was a love once
Who was young and innocent?
There were times when I felt I was not right
But then, I also taught her about life
She has gone, there is but her memory
Perhaps one day.
I know I will be born again.

Monday, May 06, 2002

what is the difference between the real world and the virtual world?
the exciting nature of anonymity. the need to lose controls, and the fact that there are none.

this blog is all about what i wouldnt really put to so many people out there in true print, merely because at this juncture i really dont know what i am going to write here. somehow for me, writing has been a way to get thought out of my head and into my consiousness. this way, i am able to identify myself and 'profile' myself better!

i was thinking about u

like one thinks about smoke floating in the air

like one feels when listening to old country music

like one feels on a nice warm morning

like one feels after stretching in the morning in the bed

hopefully, in this place i will let you know about what i think and what i am capable of thinking. i am pretty new to getting stuff up on the web, though i am not so new to writing ( who isint!)