Monday, May 13, 2002


I saw her dancing in the rain
Laughing at the black sky
Holding her arms out to the horizon
Her skirt billowing in the wind
I saw her rotating in the rain
Getting wet and understanding nature
Moving her naked feet in the wet mud
Feeling clean and free
After so many years


Shattering silence.
Breaking into my mind
The sound of my heart
Making me agonize over the emptiness
Shattering silence.
The break from the past eating me
The agony of memory getting to my mind
Shattering silence.
Making me confront myself
Making me accept the unacceptence
Losing myself, losing myself.


There was a love once
Who was young and innocent?
There were times when I felt I was not right
But then, I also taught her about life
She has gone, there is but her memory
Perhaps one day.
I know I will be born again.

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