Saturday, May 18, 2002

going to the mountains tomorrow for a day. will be trekking in the nilgiris, the blue hills (as the look blue from the plains)
the forests there are filled with tigers, panthers, wild elephants (the most dangerous), bison, and lots of varieties of deer.
last time i went there, saw a bison kill and a relatively fresh deer kill. was pretty exciting. alhtough i havent seen a tiger or anything in this area, i have seen 3 tigers in the wild before. the closest one was jsut about 15 feet from me in the dead of the night, around 3am.
believe me, i really dont want to see a tiger when i am walking in the jungle. i mean, if you can see a tiger, it can definetly see you!!!
hopefully, will have a good time. ofcourse, these forests have wild animals but arent really dangerous. i think the world is more dangerous outside these forests.
for a variety of reasons.

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