Tuesday, June 04, 2002

been some time since i rote here. i leave coimbatore on the 6th. it is a big enuf city in the state of tamilnadu in india. it is close to tiruppur, which is called the manchester of india. it is a textile centre and companies here export textile to most parts of the world. chances are, your Gap tshirt is made in tiruppur.
i am working with pepsi. this company and coke, both,dont make a lot of sense. how can anyone sell somethng like pepsi all his life? it is a product with no value benefit. its kinda crazy actually. the kind of energy and effort and money which go into products like these. perhaps someday, we will realize that all the intelligence we put into stuff like this might just be needed someplace else. till then, we just go on.
tell me something, what would you rather sell? coke, or bicycles?
makes you think dosent it? makes me think a lot. makes me want to slowly change the world sometime. but all that isint really possible. when you get under the surface, there is just too much going on to make sense. the enormity of public information is dwarfed by that in the private and the government domain. that is the one which actually runs and rules the world. the people of the world only see that which is allowed to be seen. it is very rare, and fortunate, when we get to kow about thigns which shudnt be happening. that, is the check on subversion.
perhaps it is too less. or perhaps, subversion itself is controlled. i was thinking about the movie matrix. i makes more sense if u think of the virtual and the real world as parts of a single whole. like the public and the secret world. both have an effect on each other, but each is independent of each other. and once u r out in the real world, coming into the virtual world is risky and can be done only if u have the information and the means to match it. makes u wonder, if that was the point of the movie.

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