Monday, May 06, 2002

what is the difference between the real world and the virtual world?
the exciting nature of anonymity. the need to lose controls, and the fact that there are none.

this blog is all about what i wouldnt really put to so many people out there in true print, merely because at this juncture i really dont know what i am going to write here. somehow for me, writing has been a way to get thought out of my head and into my consiousness. this way, i am able to identify myself and 'profile' myself better!

i was thinking about u

like one thinks about smoke floating in the air

like one feels when listening to old country music

like one feels on a nice warm morning

like one feels after stretching in the morning in the bed

hopefully, in this place i will let you know about what i think and what i am capable of thinking. i am pretty new to getting stuff up on the web, though i am not so new to writing ( who isint!)

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