Tuesday, December 07, 2004


it is so. there are many words in many languages explaining that word. but not many of us really understand it. at some point in our lives, i would like to understand, appreciate and act on something. rather than do only one thing at any given time.

i saw the new edition of nimbus. it looks beautiful. the white goes well with the black of last year. i hope it never turns grey.

i see an image of a glass of orange juice. somehow, it could contain the route to my salvation.

does anybody think that i should let everything go and take time off for a few months. go around the country in the train with my camera, and then join a phd program in economics in the US? leave a job. a started career(1.5 yrs old)? lots of things dear to my heart?

i have no idea where to start, and where to stop. but strangely, i am not worried at all. these are calm days. i hope the storm has already passed.

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