Sunday, December 12, 2004

the times they are a changing

i at no point in my life imagined that this blog could become something that could connect me to work. note the 2 could's. dosent auger well. the truth is, that would be quite something.

on another note, the trouble with tv is the lack of physical activity. perhaps if there was holographic tv, perhaps watchable by only one person, the programmed one, then it would mean some more exercise. but hell, nobody is going to put that kind of money into something just because I want to watch tv and exercise.

you have to make a choice at some point.

i have over the last 2 weeks, heard of more broken marriages and couples than in the last 24 years of my short life. and this is of people in my same age group. flesh and blood, so to speak.

i want to know what you think about the following things:

1. if both parties in a relationship have honesty between them, than anhything is ok?- casual sex, relationships, not-going-to-marry but still want to go around kinda relationships? whats the line, kit kat.

tell me that?

2. what is morally better (both might be morally wrong-but which is better?)- to be in a relationship knowing that you wont marry or continue it for ever, or casual sex? one night stands, that kind of thing?

in the world that we are living in ( not that it has changed or anything- its just that we are now living in it-so it looks changed to us, since we are coming from somewhere else!), options get limited all the time by incorrect choices we make, or by allowing too many choices. dont know if that makes sense.

the second part draws from 1984. freedom is slavery. the first one if clear.

do you believe in god? and all those fairy tales?
or is it the morning rush? the traffic and the smoke.
will you do soemthing different in your life?
or is what you are doing right now already different from earlier?

what is the parameter for success in life?
do you ever get to set it?
and hey, on the way, are you still walking the same road?

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