Monday, January 26, 2004

another year bites the dust

somehow today, i am more beset with memories than with what lies ahead. the weather in mumbai is great today and there is this cool wind blowing. the world is a nice place today. people are happy and all that. as for me, i have started coping with my past much better than what i thought i would have been capable of. ofcourse, everything is there in front of my eyes like a film before the present, but the funny thing is, the film isint really blocking my view.

i am a 'move on' kind of person i think. i have always moved on. i dont really understand if that is the right thing to do or if that is a sustainable approach. but till now, it hasnt been so bad. or atleast, it is slowly easing off.

i am still not trekking, or listening to music enough. neither am i going around with any body. but there is a calm inside which is probably not going to stay on too long. i am going to start trekking again, and play my guitar more often. i am also going to see more movies, and listen to more music. in that entire space, i will continue to work jobs which make me feel like i am using my mind and seriously pushing it. that is something i like. solving problems. coolly, with death calm.

sang froid.

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