Wednesday, January 28, 2004

the WSF

it was where people from all over the world came. all the space on the walls, on the pipes inbetween dadar and borivali had been taken by the world social forum. it was also called the mumbai resistance, and beat globalization and so on.

i really wanted to hear joseph stigligz. plus, ofcourse, arundhati roy(who had come there i think), and just go there to see everything, feel the heat on globalisation.

but i dident. i dident have anybody to go with. i find it ironically funny that i did not have anybody to go with for a fight on glaobalisation. its more funny, since that just kind of proves that well, friendships and interests still havent been globalised. isint it almost perfect that i wouldnt have anybody to go with on a fight on globalisation. for if i had an entire army, then i would be, in a way, myself globalized. (please excuse the z's and the s' alternating in the big G spelling..its a globaliz(s)ation effect)

its even more funny that a friend of mine's friend are the ones who were organizing the whole razzmatazz. and i got to know that the day the whole thing got over.

one observation that a friend of mine made about this whole thing which stands out is

its funny that all these people who are fighting against globalization are coming from all over the world to do it. in a way, the entire group fighting is itself a globalized group. one which is against(if not for) a one particular cause. exactly the agenda of globalization. that, plus the fact that had it not been for globalization, these people could never have come together here.

what was dissapointing in the entire week that happened here, was that everybody was so busy protesting that nothing really got done. though i believe in protest, haveing an agenda less forum which addresses protest, but does not look at solutions, seemed to me like a huge waste of a lot ot time, effort and minds. perhaps the solutions will come out of the sustained protest.

whatever it was, i missed out on something for which i might just have to go to the other side of the world to see now. and that, is not a bad idea!

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