Monday, January 05, 2004

getting low

every once in a while, the low thing hits everybody. for some reason, suddenly you cant put a finger on the reason for which you are going through life. this happens a lot when our lives are just going on, without any untoward incidents. normality is the biggest killer for a person. every once in a while, you need that burst of surprise. one which hits out of nowhere. to make you realise how delicate this normalcy is. but whenever it dosent, we go down to a low. from where getting out is difficult, and it requires will power, some event, to get you out of there.

i am not going through anything like this, but i got thinking about it. thats why i am writing all this. yeasterday, i was talking about the chaos theory and entrophy and how both these concepts form the basis for everything in this universe. just as god and love form the basis in somebody else's perception of the universe. not from the physics point of view, but from the conceptual point of view. its quite something. life.

another rambling post from a high point.

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