Tuesday, January 27, 2004

gprs(among other things)

my phone over here is trying very hard to get to the internet right here. i dont think it is going to be able to do it though. its still trying though. thats its job.

so i just got back from work. there is something very disconcerting about life in this city. somehow the good and the ugly are so close apart that it is uncomfortable. the biggest problem is that it is very difficult to realize what is ugly and what isint. you look straight ahead into the eyes of people and there is this defeatist look or this victorious look. both of which are just spiralling everybody down. sometimes, it all looks ugly. people taking advantage of other people. left right and centre.

all the ideas lost

through the day, there are so many ideas and thoughts which flow through and just whittle away. there is nothing that i am able to recollect by the end of the day. it seems like a big waste sometimes. some of the stuff is ofcourse, very visual dependant. but i dont carry my camera around. and the one on the phone isint helping since my computer is still a million miles away!

mumbai perhaps presents the best photo op there is in the world. just waiting, for the right angle and the right lens. i have many plans, none of which are working out. like take the 84 bus and go around the city, shooting snaps. or go to places just outside the city, and click away. or go to toto's or club9 or places like that, and do some of that disc photography. the expressions inside those places are probably one of the best. paradoxical expressions for a disc come up. guy and girl getting bored(with all that music), or the angry bartender(thats normal!). stuff. the lights. the mood. smoke. the 'i dont know what i am doing here' look. its all there. waiting for the right chemical.

but i dont do this. see, the sixth artist is right about some of the things. all the things i want to do, and just dont do.

latest book being read- the global soul(pico's)
the eastern stories- joseph conrad
52 weekend breaks from mumbai(!!)

latest chord learnt- G7 (i just know a few)

current music- a mix of rush, floyd and punjabi tadka on TV

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