Thursday, June 17, 2004

off to assam

i am going to a place called dublijan in assam for 3 weeks. there are huge oil wells over there, and i am going there to seel some our products to people working there.
seems a little weird when i say it like that. i never thought i would be selling anything.

either way, it should be a good experience. after bombay, i think it will be a very different pace, and beyond that, i hope we get something out of that place. lets see.
it is raining in india, almost the whole of it, and the feel is really good. it is beautiful and windy. i guess people in western countries dont really understand the concept of rain as a good thing. something that beats the heat and makes the earth smell good. the air is cleaner, and the roads glisten. thats not so bad.

i guess dublijan, being in assam, will be pouring. i have seen rain in guwahati and just when it starts raining, it looks like a solid sheet of water racing towards you from 10 kms away, and then crossing you and going on ahead. fun times would be being at the exact rain beginning point. one step to the left and there is heavy rain, and one step to the right, and it is dry like a dead leaf. funny aint it.
its fun too.

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