Wednesday, May 19, 2004

again, i visit my blog

this time, almost like a guest. i feel like that myself. i had come on the net somedays back oo, but forgot to even open the blog up. i wonder why anyone else would?
in any cas,e any hits these days would be just those accidental google hits. when someone wants to know about something and the word is here. hell. maybe to increase my hit rate, i should just put the dictionary here!

its not about hit rates is it? its about life and all that goes on in it. and then you hope that it is interesting enough to make people want to come back here again and again. not a bad reason to lead an interesting life. to fill up a blog.

as time is going on, i am finding myself reading the fiscal policy minutely and understanding rates and politics more than touching my guitar or reading pico iyer. i dont like that. i think i need to have both in good quantities. my quality of life definition requires equal quantities of guitars and RBI governers.
life, in its cruel manifestation, goes on!

i just love these kinds of lines: those with life,......, goes on types. with all kind of things occupying the dots inbetween.


life,without a second thought, goes on
life,in its splendid obscurity, goes on
life,without any pity, goes on
life, relentlessly, goes on
life, for once, goes on
life, like always, goes on
life, just, goes on

you know, there are a million words trying to occupy the dotted space.
you fill the dots, or does someone else do that?

hastalavista (baby?!)

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