Wednesday, July 21, 2004

searching for the meaning of it all

it is easy to lose oneself in this world. to not have an idea anymore of what you had set out to be. something that is not related to work or to what you want to achieve, but to what are called principles and belief. its easy to not miss them go away. its also very easy to find them too. but its difficult to let go of everything else.

my life has come to a stage where i am trying to decide what is the meaning of where i am heading. the current direction takes me on a road towards something i have not imagined myself on being. so, ofcourse, it is scary to realize that i am on the wrong road, and most of all, for onw big reason. that i dident find any other road. i guess i will have to make one meself. i have these days, however, become so tired to my own idealism that it is slowly becoming just hollow words. being an idealist will not help me at all. there have to some changes. i hope i am able to make them.

wish me luck, and keep seeing this place. if things go as i wish them to, then i might be typing here more often.

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