Wednesday, May 07, 2003

my system crashed. i dont know why. the people working on it dont know either. it is probabaly through a partition virus on anand's comp, or the technician who came to fix a new floppy drive screwed up the hard drives. or, it could be becoz of board shock. the earthing was bad, and the board had been getting a steady current since some days. i would like to go with the latter reasons. bottomline, i have lost all my data. 40 gb of files. music, movies, all the work i did at IMI. no backups. nothing.
in a way, its like rebirth. clean slate. but its very painful. there were too many things i did, and they wont be there. its like a personality being wiped out.
somethings will change. for one, i will begin to buy music. and i will buy a cd writier asap. its a bad hit. i am feeling real bad. damm.

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