Saturday, May 31, 2003

i just got american life on kazza at home!
i hadnt imagined that i would be able to do something like that from home.
cool. i am dowloading some songs from the matrix reloaded.
there is this place on the net, called matrix essays which is discussing the hidden allegories in the matrix. hidden allegories? can allgories be hidden or are they already that!?
hey, what the _uc_
today was very very hot in chennai.
i saw american beauty again today. if u think about it, all these english movies are all about leaving material things to get to something inside you. find the inner you. find what u want to do. from the matrix to american beauty. its all about leaving the material world for the spiritual world. i guess america is kinda obsessed with this thought right now. even madonna is!

so i want to see all the movies playing. the core, cradle to the grave and xmen2. and anand dosent want to see them. the thing is, i think unless u dont see whats bad, will u make something good. ridiculous argument, but hey. thats the best reason i can think for seeing the movie. that and that i am totally vella.

vella = jobless, free, without anything to do, sitting in the heat thinking about the cool things.

hey, there was a guy called martello,
who liked to play the cello
but all he could ever do,
was sit around and say hello.

is this a limerick or is it a poem?
and what the heck is the difference?!
that was the topic of a small discussion this evening between me and parul.
so, like i said , i am vella. anand is getting some dvd's from a friend. and i damm hope i can see a whole load of them in the next week. plus, recoup some of my collection by riting some cds on his cd riter. and bhaiya, if u r reading this, u shudnt use those cds that u do use. they have all gone bad. i hae just been lucky to be able to retrieve some of it back , but i had to just throw away 2 of the cds. and they had good songs man.
damm. i hate it when i lose songs.
i read aks' blog today. she has got some very good knowledge of sinhalese people on the basis of very limited contact with them. pretty cool. but, hey aks, plas start riting on your blog again. share your thougths so that everyone knows what kind of a person u are, and thus is able to mainpulate you.
thats the paranoid view atleast. but think about it. why the hell (name) do we rite here?
its like standing naked. here is my mind on the internet. please go through it and let me know what you think about it.
or hey, lets stop talking. lets just read each others blog.
banter. bah. the imbeciles.
'nuf sed 2nite.

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