Monday, May 26, 2003

there is almost no thing which comes close to the feeling of riding a scooter in jaipur. inspite of it being so congested, it is still remarkably calm. the wind blows and there is somehting so 'north indian' about the streets that it sometimes feels like a movie set!
i saw this one road though, which was not more than 5 feet wide, and was easily over a kilometer long. can u imagine a narrow street like that, with houses on both sides. it looked like the street converged into itself a great distance away.
today, we did some puja and gave food to a cow. i had to wash the cow's tail ( i just dropped water on it) and its feet. the story is that the spirit holds on to the cows tail as the cow crosses the river which takes the soul to heaven. pretty neat.
there is actually so much detail and all for very particular reasons. and the best thing is, once u know the detail, the whole thing makes so much sense. but wihtout it, it is just actions and words. this is true for everything, but in religion, it has a special place.
i still havent gone inside hawa mahal though, and probably never will. till i make up my mind to copme here asa tourist. i guess that wont happen for a long long time.
there are a lot of people back home. and we are expecting some 150 people for dinner. all close relatives. man, its a small world.
gotta go. its actually fun!

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