Monday, May 05, 2003

this is a pblog's mirror.
i have one written at home, but i cudnt get it since my computer is no longer working.
in effect, burning the house down. most of the stuff on it is not backed up anyplace else, and in a way, its 2 years of work gone down the drain. not down, but in a way.
ok, this is now the 5th of may.
guess what u get if u see gold from the other side.
neat, huh.
another theory, put up here at the insistence of anand.
why does everything on earth plug in, or fits into something. i mean, has to be a reason. i think its the way we have evolved. our reproductive systems mainly. its very analogous, isint. there are holes, and screws go into it. plugs, slots. hey.
so whats the point?
if u r making a movie about alien civilizations, and u wud think people would have tired of them, but they havent. and u r conjuring up the whole atmosphere of the other planet and its people, and what do u do? u have to have a different framework. absolutely different. u know how difficult it can be to think in that manner. where guns wouldnt be protruding devices, for one. or ships wouldnt be shaped like rockets. this is a very freudian concept, so hey.
just make sure the movie works on different frameworks, and different perspective of things.
come to think of it, this difference in perspectives would mean we frankly wouldnt ever be able to make head or tail of another civilization, our world limits our imagination. even abstract draws upon reality after all. is there anything turly abstract? i doubt it.
i want to host a photoblog someday. not for any other reason, but becoz it is much simpler i think. that is, if i can take the right pics all the time!

hey, i talked to anjale on the 4th. and we had an hour's conhversation. i mean, thats cool. i think it like pepsi aha. everybody treid it, nobody stuck to it. i will be off the market pretty quick!
but, still, her saying that my letters to her had timelessness is so egositically satisfying. i think too many people just end up destroying lives by becoming the needed. by making dependants. i like this flavour of the month thing of anjale's though. and the fact that she knows it. its clear. transparent.
but, ya, i just have talked to her right now (imagine a small boy kicking a pebble on the ground and looking at it while saying this).
anand, mihir and i r going to see adi in blore. the @#$%@. wait till i beat him up.
anand. u came here after seeing me dotted. someday, i will also use that way to keep updated with myself. use your dots.

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