Sunday, April 06, 2003

i really dont think i will be able to sustain it.
i am bak on track on the war. for a few days, i kind of went off it. its strange really. it just got too much. too much of bullshit.
on cnn, msnbc, washington post, all those american papers. even bbc. the only sane voice i think is the guradian and sometimes (!) the ny times. ofcourse, there are places like commondreams and stuff, but first of all, i really dont know the kind of support those sites have, and secondly, sometimes, those articles are just too extremist. ok, dont have the war, but dont say bush is like osama. even if he is!
i think if the iraqis had press conferences like the one ari fleischer has, in a suit, with the iraqi seal and all that, it would make a lot of difference. its about marketing to your audience. noone is going to hear some guy holding an AK and telling about cluster bombings in your territory. come on, just grow up. relax, put your gun down, and then attack.
hey, i am in india, and the war's been fought so far away. sometimes, riting here seems very phony. like philosophy; with no basis.
these days, i have stopped being able to see the 'world view'. the Big picture. i just cant see it. its outside my frame.
a friend of mine is probably going to go to iraq with the indian govt's contingent of red cross people. i think she flies in a few days if all goes well. i wish i cud go and see the whole thing. it wud be fun, rite?

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