Wednesday, April 02, 2003

my saying that raed is dea is kinda bad. i was reading his archives, and hes a pretty decent chap!
had a dream about raed and someone telling me that he was dead since the last 2 days. kinda scary what. i hope he dosent die.
but then dreams are just that for me. i usually dont dream. and stuff that happened in my dream dosent translate into reality. so no problem, i guess.
i went to lafpat nagar today with kshttry, gauri and neeti. lajpat nagar is like jaipur in some many ways!
its really cool. i liked it for that. it has the jaipur feel, of lots of colour, and tons of food. even the shops have a jaipur feel to them. they are small, well light, with the owner (lala) sitting wearing a kurta pajama. very jaipur!
i think i will buy a digi cam in a few months and probably upload images here. will explain a lot of things better.
had some gol guppe. people call them different things in different states in india. some call it pani puri, or pani patashi, or patashe. i like pani puri though. the name, i mean. ofcourse, its the same thing.
i have been reading the russian GRU's intel on iraq, and it is pretty good. its unbiased, for one. its also pretty accurate. i guess will get lot of info from there, though how it is going to reach a whole load of people, i dont know.
somehow, whenever i am on the computer, or on the internet, i am thinking just of the war. and iraq. its crazy right?!
hey, if the war goes on for 90 days withover a 1000 casualties from the US- brit team, then we might see withdrawl becasue of public opinion. hows that?

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