Thursday, March 27, 2003

this message IS from my comp in my room!
the comp is cool...however, there is a problem. whenver is try to go into the bios, the thing restarts!
dammed if i have seen anything like this before.
been thinking about buyin a radeon 9000 pro video card. it costs about 5 grand in s'pore, AND, someone is going there!!! lets see.

heres a joke about 2 sardarji's.

a plane.
suddenly, the passengers see 2 sardarjis, obviously blind, feeling the way with sticks, wearing pilot clothes.
there is a sudden hush in the plane. just as some people are a bit relaxed, they both go into the cockpit!
everybody starts talking loudly about whats going on
then, suddenly the plane starts to taxi!!!!, all the passengers are really worried and the decibel level increases and people start to shout for the air hostesses and stuff....
take off position, and everybody is really wondering what to do and there is lot of commotion and some people are shouting.
then, the plane starts to run on the tarmac and just as the plane is getting to the end of the strip, everybody starts to screm really loud!....and the plane takes off!!!

in the cockpit, one sardar to another.....
"one day these passengers are not going to scream, and we are going to crash!"


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