Monday, April 11, 2005

to the end of something

a letter putting everything in words
anger, hate, disgust for the love
somethings in life used to have a meaning
now it is like a jaded memory

when i think of all the time we had
it makes me want to shut my eyes and cry
my stomach hurts and my shoulders shake
in anger and in hate.

he was thinking it could end somehow
in another country and in another place
the world is small and the people think the same
there is no possibility for all that is not plain

its not what you think that counts
not the silent looks and the countless thoughts
its someone else who thinks for you
its the world around which decides for you

sad, isint it?
that it should get washed like this
just because you became rational
and believed that the whole world thinks like that same asshole

delve deeper into your mind
and perhaps the true nature of things might be found
that all that is not right is always not wrong.
but this thought buried will not even get flowers
because you have moved away from this memory
to create another sweet story.

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