Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mumbai blasts- BAU is the answer?

The mumbai blasts happened yesterday. Today, offices are open, the sensex went up and people are on the trains again. Like nothing happened. TV channels are saying its a good thing.

So its going to happen again, right?

Almost 200 people died yesterday, and its business as usual here. What is the message we are sending to the terrorists? Go ahead, bomb our cities, its ok, we'll bounce back. We dont care.

What would have been the response in other countries. Action would have been taken. People would have wanted to know what is being done. They would have been answered.

People in Mumbai however, are just waiting for the next train.

Mumbai has become and organism, and not a collective human society. For an organism, if one part decays, it is discrded and the organism survives. Human society however, would look at more than discarding the decayed piece. It would look at healing it. Mumbai survives alright, but only to wait for another blast.

Who did it is not the question to be asked? Somebody would always have the motivation to bomb a train full of people. What are we doing to prevent this from happening again? Going back to office and pretending it never happened. That the blasts which took away 200 lives did not spark a communal riot? Great. Lets wait for it to then.

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Dips said...

Agreed. And it happened. The worst bit is, the virus of indifference has moved to other cities. Either it is indifference due to too much exposure or one caused by an innate nature mutation, it is now a part of the Indian psyche.
USA on the other hand still mourns 9/11.