Sunday, November 30, 2008

BAU is OBVIOUSLY not the answer

Mumbai was once again attacked by terrorists. What should have been done is:

  1. Basis the GPS device tracked on day 1, co-ordinates of the terrorist masterminds should have been taken out in an air strike on day 2 itself. The sat phone with GPS was found on day 2 end even as the terrorists were talking to their masters on the phone. They continued to do so perhaps till the end.
  2. Curfew should have been clamped in Mumbai as soon as the NSG was called in. We still dont know how many terrorists came on the boats! Considering that only 10 have been apprehended (1 arrested and 9 others killed), there is a good possibility that the others escaped and are still free either in the city or outside it.
  3. Were all the guests of both hotels checked before they were allowed to leave the hotel on day 1? Same for the staff. They looked like they were melting into the crowd. Getting into waiting cars and being driven away. Some of them could have been terrorists! - No detailed checking of the guests or staff was done - that is obvious from the fact that people were streaming out and leaving and there was no control setup at that point inside.
  4. All diplomatic ties with Pakistan should be broken off till evidence suggests that Pakistan was NOT involved- rather than waiting for evidence to show that it was! First hand reports clearly state that Pakistanis are involved, if not the Pakistan government. We continue to think about India-Pak cricket matches while this tirade goes on!

What can we do now:

  1. PROTEST - The government needs to understand clearly that this is the top priority for people in this country at this point and they will lose votes if they do not curb this issue.
  2. BOYCOTT - All politicians in this country need to be boycotted - by the channels, people and the rest of the media - WE DONT WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU SAY!
  3. VOTE - Elect a government that can do something. In my opinion, that is the BJP at this point of time and not the Congress. Vote for the party you want at the state and the centre and not for the MLA/MP of your consituency - I am saying this because i saw Milind Deora (the MLA/MP from South Mumbai) stading like a jerk behind RR Patil. Our elected representative is at the bottom of the rat race in the legislative assembly.Not something i want to see of our leaders!


workhard said...

Hey u know what.. our boycotts and protests are not going to make any serious difference on these politicians

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