Wednesday, August 13, 2003

they just play

so it seems.
i want to play the guitar too. u know. but it will take some time before i can get one, like maybe a month or something.
than,i have to learn how to play it.
today, i have fever. there, sed in a flourish. whenever i DO have fever, i think abot doing thigns like writing poems or composing music and so on. or writing a book. i even got a cool title in my head which i have forgotten now.
such, as i hve always sed, is life.
other thots in my head are about a lot of things. i want to photograph some really cool things. like, i have the images in my head, but i dont have the people to do them, or the props, or the sets and so on.
sadly, in the present state of my life, i willbe unable to do allthat.
on a happy note, the first few snaps came out well.

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