Tuesday, November 04, 2003

fragile dreams

it is funny this music. i remember that the starting of this song is very similar to the music playing in diablo. the game.

remember. that was one heckuva game.
ofcourse, the feel of the music is very similar. i have been listening to a lot of good music these day. hendrix's blues. and

ocean colour scene(definetly british!)
good stuff.
and about kingslys statement about hypocrisy being the first stage of selfawareness. i dont know. finding out that all you

believed in was rong and then moving on from there has to have some flaw in the process of collecting those beliefs.

hypocrisy is probably the stage that comes in people who havent really explored themselves till now.

i dont know. its easy to write stuff. it dosent take much. and well, not too many people read all this stuff. so what the


there aint too much time in your life
what you gonna do about it.
live it on, and dream on about it.
choices we made, and choices choose us.
in the end its just us.(we are left with)
reasonable doubt makes you leave it all behind.
society and man makes you pull up your socks and walk blind
there aint nothing that prevents us from being us
but just that there is too much baggage from previous
whatever we see, and do and think, has an effect on everything.
look over your shoulder once
and you always will forever
but the problem is, the damage is done
the cast is set
there is another one left

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