Thursday, December 25, 2003

sleepless nights

i couldnt sleep last night. for an incredibly long time, i just kept tossing and trying to soothe my head which was aching like mad. it was no. 2 on the top 5 headaches of all time in my life. no. 1 was in guwahati a long time back when i passed out because of the pain. nos. 3-5 are those which dont deserve special mention.

after a point however, i couldnt take it any longer and watched tv instead. not the most ideal thing to do while you have a headache, but there wasnt anything else to do. either that, or all the demons and the good things from the past coming back to you. i prefer tv.
there were occasional shouts and random laughter from outside my room. some people were i guess very yuletidy. i remembered what i was doing last christmas.

there was a party downstairs and lots of girls and guys dancing. we had gone in and said hi and danced a bit and eaten the rum cake a bit and then got back. it dident seem like too much fun. comparitively!

dont ask me what i was doing for new year's last year. that one, is a killer.

i saw the bbc list of the top 100 books. i must have read about the same number that anita has. maybe all of us have read a similar number. makes you think dosent it?

till another day
when the air is clear
let me be by myself
while you are still dear.

the world goes on
but i am still here
it will take me time
but one day i will be the seer.

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