Monday, December 08, 2003

why do you care so much?

what is with a lot of people?
the naievity of caring for the whole world. its not even idealist. idealism is the aspiration for perfection. what we have here is an aspiration for a process, or a manner of living and being that is supposed to be. but, is that the ideal?

i doubt it. when shobha talks about elections in the north, i can only think of kids for whom not having electricity in the day in the village dosent really mean anything. what are the standards? is having electricity 24 hrs, or running water 24 hrs the ideal? or is it something else? maybe some peace. maybe what is there for a lot of families in the village. the normal cycle of life and death and the mentality of the governance of life by some superbeing. surrendering to that ideal might be what villages in india are comfortable about. while we write on on our blogs; like how thesixthartist writes about mj and the american ideal; what meaning does it have to most of the billions who dont read it? and isint it ironical that we write about them. almost considering them the white man's burden. if we dont do something about those poor innocent persecuted run down, duped, illeterate chaps all over this country and the rest, who the hell will?

and if i cant do something about it, lets atleast talk about it? i dont see a lot of sense in it.
what i see sense in is when we talk about whats inside our minds. new stuff. things within. not opinions formed on somebodys comprehension of ideal and our urge to embrace it. i like it when shobha talks about her when she was a kid, or when anita talks about kerala as a place, or when thesixthartist talks about the things done in a day, or when anand talks about his movies and all the silly amazing pieces of information he contains.

once we were discussing what made anand and me and the cat really good friends. we came to the conclusion that it was the sheer apolitical nature of our conversations. the diversity of our careers and the need to talk whats coming from inside our heads, not from outside of it.
i think thesixthartist might agree. to some of this.

to each his own. to each his own.

this was a rare personal comment on individual styles of other bloggers. i apologise and commit not to comment .again





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