Thursday, March 03, 2005

never tomorrow

the world is today, isint it?

there is never tomorrow. over the last few days, i have been working a lot. till late in the night and the whole day the next. somehow, watching a movie mid week seems like a good idea to break the routine. what good does that do? not much, actually. it just makes me feel a little bit more alive. like there is something else to my life than just my work. everybody needs something, dont they?

i need to do other things too. like learn the guitar. read some more. i am not doing all that these days. i wish i could. i will actually.

work life balance is such a hollow concept sometimes. because of its impracticality. what do you go after? the money, the fame, or after what you want to do? in my case, learn, listen to music, expericne the world. so many things.

we all wish the world to happen to us. but i am trying for a few pinches of salt.

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