Thursday, March 31, 2005

what to write?

sometime has gone by since i wrote last. as always i am again at a quandary over what to write. i have been very busy at work, which has intruigingly affected the gathering of knowledge or issues that i would have liked to do. instead, i find that i have learnt nothing about anything. it is quite depressing, that in the pursuit of making money, we end up not learning anything that interests us. most of the time, it is mere survival and instinct that gets us through. not some new thought or the application of a new idea.

sometimes i wonder if all life had to offer were the formative years and that now is perhaps payback time! the only way to avoid that situation is to ensure that your formative years continue for ever or something like that...through studies, or through adventure (whatever that means) and so on. this post if pretty pointless. let me cut here.

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