Monday, July 21, 2003

eat your heart out

that comment above is jsut to draw your attention to this line.
i must say though, that billairds is a really cool game. i went and played billiards with papa today and it was lots of fun. i wish i am able to play as often as possible. it will take some time to get the hang of the game and all that, but it is fun. thats what counts, right?
my work takes up a lot of my time. sometimes i think that it is taking too much of my time. but i dont think i will be able to live without it. i am getting used to the day passing working. and the nights passing sleeping.
so, whats left?
i hope i get a breather sometime in sometime.
i dont need one right now, but ya, in some time i will.
i saw to kill a mocking bird, and it is a wonderful movie. however, i felt it dosent rival the book. somehow, i havent found a single movie which has been able to rival the book it was made on. strange, isint it?
now so much actually. the book lets us be the directors, and hell, we are the best when it comes to making up stuff in our own minds.
i had so many things i wanted to rite about. but now, i just want to go bak home ( i am in a net centre) and sleep in some time after listening to some black sabbath.
those two lines from the earlier post, are from the conversation. the movie was wonderful , and the way the actress sung the lines was just very beautiful. i can find out who the actress is, and what she looks like and all that, but heck, what r u for?

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