Thursday, July 24, 2003

the movie is great

north by northwest has probably got one of the best shooting sequences i have ever seen. the plane scene is just amazing. it is dont with such candour, that u dont realize that time has passed by. the whole movie for that matter is do seamlessly put together, it is a delight to watch it.
one thing though. there is a chronological clause in the movie. ie, the movie's title for example will be undestood by people who know about northwest. and northwest is dead)or, if it isint, it will be)
i think movies need to have a kind of universal theme to it. like ran by kurosawa explres just the feelings of trust, loyalty and betrayal. among other things. and somehow, that movie is more global than somehting like north by northwest. inspite of it being jap.
i want to see the movie go
i have eard that it is good.

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