Thursday, July 17, 2003

the net is down

the robin is bob, bob, ...bobbing along...

i got a dvd player. and i took membership in a dvd library, so life is nice these days. though i dont have the net, so its kinda dicey.
no net, is like no water. in a way.
i mean, no net, as an eventuality would be ok. but no net as a temporary condition is killing, isint it?!
thats true for all things, u know. if u read carefully.
ha. the philosopher.
conversation, the movie was good. not coppola's best, but good. i think apocalypse now is his best. the movie is so stark, and the point it drives home is so well said.
i think my favourite movie of all times is matrix, and then fight club. both of them look at the trouble of our lives. stereotypes, a mass standardization of humans, and how to break out of it. very interesting would be the comparison between the two movies (yoda style).

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