Thursday, July 31, 2003

sage and onion

this was the first time that someone put water into a half filled glass of sprite. and then when pointed out, emptied the contents and bought back half a glass of sprite!!
man, the place serves ok food, but the service is really bad. for those who arent living in chennai and who dont know about S&O, feel blessed.
i also found out today how tough it is to get a credit card. after a million questions which the people asking them have no idea why they are asking, the credit card people finally tell me that they need a lot of things more....i then give them a letter basically detailing half my life, and now, probably, they will give me a credit card!
life is pretty tough in the capitalist era. frankly, the model dosent make sense. enjoying supernormal profits for providing a serivce is not part of the game. normal profits are probably what would enable one to live comfortably and would be in tune with welfare economics. but the capitalist philosophy believes in this reverse robin hood system of working. which puts me off.
so to speak.

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