Thursday, July 10, 2003

interpretive wisdom

the girl down there is madhubala. for all those souls without cognizance of the fact that she is.
i just thot about her, and her look appeals to me. i have heard that she had a very tragic life. i picturize her in a white dress with a cigarette in her hand. somehow, that is the only image of her which rings true.

i had a thought this morning on a bike. that it is phenomenally difficult to recreate life. almost impossible to show it in the exact fashion it happens. in fact, the natural canot be imitated. because it ceases to be that once it is imitated.
simple isint it?
i bet there is no way to exactly stage 2 people walking towards each other. 2 strangers, without looking at each other, but choosing their paths.
on the work front, it is cool. i have got my targets now, and they are tough to get but interesting to pursue.
i got my daily target today, though i doubt i will be able to continue that.

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