Thursday, July 03, 2003


time and again, i tell myself not to go out in the rain.
its all wet, and if u arent, some godforsaken vehicle makes u wet.
such, is life.
i am going back to madras. i like madras better than chennai. damm, the word chennai just dosent sound good.
i will be there for about 4-8 months on a stint from my company trying to sell stuff. and i am going to start from the bottom. the thing is, next time someone approches you for something to buy, it just mite be me, and so please give me a patient hearing. buy me some coffee if u have time. i just mite be sleepy.

frankly. life is going to be pretty hectic for the next whatever months. i am thinking of 7 day weeks. i wudnt mind it actually. takes my mind off many things i wish i wudnt be thinking about. but which just dont go away.
life is such a complaicated thing, that it is almost impossible to analyze it. there are just too many variables. and most of the times, i think the people with instinct and the ability to act on them will be the ones who will have a good life. i hope i am able to do that. beating analysis takes out the whole factor of varibility.

so what is the one thing on my mind. my behaviour. and the whole thing about why i do behave the way i do, and should i be bothered. and if i shud not be, am i willing to make an ass of myself? and if the ass thing goes on for a substantial time period, how ok is that for me?
such and other useless questions take up my time.
see, this is exactly what i am talking about.

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