Saturday, June 28, 2003

hi again

your faithful computer chronologer is bak. with a vengeance. ofcourse, nobody will understand the relevance of that line since it is being said out of context. but, believe u me, it has lot of meaning!

so another day bites the dust, and i go to club9 at 11pm in the nite. i mean, we are all going to go in some time. soon. lets see what that gives. the music there is really good. really.
tommorrow is sunday and hopefully, a chilled out day.
things are getting hectic what. i like life like that. but i dont kow for how long. i had a shower tonite at, what, 1030pm. hell. probably will burn out soon this way.
that, plus what all crap goes on in my mind.
its all been done.

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