Wednesday, June 04, 2003

time travel

time travel isint possible.
if i could travel through time, and would meet myself in my past, wouldnt i have the memory of meeting myself in the past even before i took the decision to go back into time? since i will not have any such memory (especially since if i DO have the memory, i would not have to really do anything, and i would still end up travelling through time?!!!), it is impossible to meet myslef in my past.
then, how can you explain time travel? possibly by saying that if i do meet myself in the past, in that one instant of meeting, my future changes, and i go on another path, another totally different universe. that means, i have actually switched universes while travelling through time, and if i need to get back to my present, i would have to go from this altered universe to my own one.
now, it is statistically impossible to have another universe absoloutely identical to mine. it would equire me to have the same set of infinite number of circumstances throughout my life for it to be possible. that, is just not happening!

infact, for there to exist another universe which is exactly identical to this one, it would have to be either be viewed from a significantly larger plane to dissolve individual differences (like watching sand on a beach; its all the same!) or it would have to have very limited choice sets available. both cases are not possible in a universe where there are infinite possibilities from our perspective.
so, no other universes. no other places, which means, no other pasts or futures; just one. which means, no recollection of meeting myself. thus, no time travel

inherently, this logic has some flaws. will try to look into them tomorrow.

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