Friday, June 27, 2003

simulacra my foot

hey. so i am bak again.
i talked about the concept of simulacra and simulation and the whole what the heck are we doing on this planet and not really enjoying it theme, and in the process, freaked everybody out with the idea.
now that i look at it, shit. what the hell was i thinking about.i was trying to explain a concept that has taken a lot of thinking to analyze and understand to an audience that hadnt been exposed to it 5 mins!!!
well. i deserved the kinda looks that i got (which were, what the heck are you talking about!), and the feedback i got on the presentation. well, the day went well though. it was interesting. and on top of it, it was a little bit of fun too.
i got myself some b&l contact lens. i think i look a little better now. though i really dont know. hell, i can atleast wear goggles now! though i dont see myself doing that though. but still.
the reasons are there, arent they? its how u understand them, and then comprehend and act on them.
so, i said earlier in the day....what is the whole deal? its all one big circle of lots of big lies rite?
sad, isint it, that we take over 5000 years to figure out that all the objective truths got left behind. way, way behind.

things spoken out of context only complicate things. and put people off.
but, then, is there really any true context?

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