Tuesday, June 10, 2003

a whole different place

the whole world i guess is not how i had always thot about it.
it isint, i know. but still.
so. today we had information about the products about the company. it was interesting. it wasnt immersive, but was interesting.
and plus, this is a mind thing. this service sector. the product is made in the mind. which is very exciting.
isint it?
and yet, it is kinda being sold as an fmcg thing. almost. not really, but almost.
the people are all different. there are 2 cute girls. i dont know how they are though. havent really talked to them. dont really want to right now. the guy group is pretty good. the place we are staying in, is pretty cool though. very very slick infact.
thats about it. everybody is studying and i shud do the same.

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