Saturday, June 21, 2003

going to the movies again

i am going to see the matrix reloaded again. i think its a good film. not as good as the first one, since the cats kinda out the bag, but almost as good. ofcourse, technically, they have done lots more things. the fight scenes are amazingly done and the code is shown with more clarity and more beautifully. i guess they finally figured out how it realyl looks like inside the matrix.
beyond the movie, is i think where i shud be looking. i have become a matrix fan a little too much, and heck, its just a movie right?!
but somehow, i am unable to get a grip on my life propoerly. for one, i think i am not enjoying myself too much at work these last few days. i get bored too easily. and since i think so, i am letting myself actually get bored faster.
beside that. nothing else is happening. i wish sometimes that something would happen, and sometimes that something
would'nt happen. but i really cant control that can i.

so, to my friends who are mixing & matching & plotting destiny - inspite of whatever is mapped, only you will decide the direction that you will take. & it might work, it might not. do not look back to see if decisions are good or bad. they are responses of the moment - the best responses we can think of at that time. later, we might respond differently.

this is from the sixth artist. and i think thats kinda the thought i am thinking.

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